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About Lyn Askin

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. From my first paper route to over 25 years of owning and operated a digital marketing agency.But despite our success, we faced the common problems: a lack of clear vision, lackluster team commitment, and poor discipline and accountability

In 2020, I got huge wake up call. I suffered a bi-lateral pulmonary embolism. As I laid in the ICU fighting for my life, my thoughts were consumed with the turmoil I left for my wife and son. My wife would have to go to my office, fire our employees and lose all of our clients. If I would have died that day my business would have died with me.

Thank god I survived, but I knew things needed to change. I had to build something that ran without me. Implementing EOS was a remarkable transformation. We 3x’d our revenue, 7x’s our profits and grew from 10 employees to 27. I was able to take a step back from daily operations, leading to a successful company acquisition, leaving a legacy for my family. The transformation was life changing, inspiring me to help others with EOS!

Don’t wait for a wake-up call. Transform Your Business Now! Contact me today and let’s turn your business into a legacy!


What our clients say

Shane Simmons, CEO

I highly recommend Lyn Askin. We hired him last year and it was the best investment we made in 2023. It was absolutely transformational for us. I wish we would have hired him sooner.

Preston Schmidli, CEO

If you have the opportunity to work with Lyn, I would not wait. He’s outstanding, super professional, and fun. He knows when to have the hard conversation. I’m blown away by Lyn

Josh Konigsberg, CEO

We recently elevated our experience by hiring Lyn as our EOS Implementer. We highly recommend Lyn for any organization looking to fully leverage EOS. 

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